CHARIOT aims to design and develop a scalable IoT middleware solution that integrates different types of IoT devices, technologies, and stakeholders through semantic abstractions, open APIs, and development tools.

CHARIOT Scope of Work

Following the global interconnection of people and services through the Internet, the concept of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) has been on the rise with the ambition to digitalize and interconnect everyday objects in many domains of life and work. The great potential of this ambition lies in the holistic networking of the involved entities, ranging from simple sensors to complex devices to humans. On the other hand, the increasing number and variety of devices or sensors in the growing IoT world makes it ever more complex to realize and manage such holistic interconnection systems.

CHARIOT proposes a framework that aims to address those issues to showcase the added value of the holistic networking of IoT. It focuses on the interoperability among the entities, a logical orchestration of all services, and incorporating learning abilities for its entities. CHARIOT enables various stakeholders to efficiently develop, integrate, and utilize dynamic IoT services and applications through the proposed middleware.

To reflect the role of Industrial IoT (IIoT) toward Industry 4.0 and to demonstrate the effectiveness of the framework, CHARIOT focuses on a Smart Urban Factory scenario. CHARIOT addresses how the components of the framework can realize a smart factory environment, i.e., how smart things can be connected to each other in the production line process in cooperation with humans and robots, how the warehouse stores products, and how the products are delivered.