Academic Theses @ TU Berlin

The following BSc & MSc theses (at the Computer Science Department of TU Berlin) have been supervised by GT-ARC in the context of CHARIOT project. (Thesis completion dates are given in paranthesis.)

Master Theses

  • “Autonomous Warehousing: Online Planning in Dynamic Environments under Uncertainty Using Multi-Agent Temporal RRT*” (October 2019)
  • “Toward User Studies in Real-World Settings: Application of an Autonomous Anticipatory Robotic System for Evaluating Human-Robot Collaboration on an Assembly Line” (August 2019)
  • “Machine Learning based Predictive Maintenance and Regression based Control of a Servo Motor for Industrial Conveyor Belts” (March 2019)

Bachelor Theses

  • “Efficient Service Offloading via Fog Computing in Industry 4.0” (Ongoing)
  • “Agent-Based Service Offloading in Distributed Fog Networks” (Ongoing)
  • “Energy Optimized Service Offloading in Fog Networks based on Node-RED Clusters” (Ongoing)
  • “Erstellung einer Laufzeitumgebung für genetische Algorithmen zur Evaluierung von genetischen Operatoren und Hyperparametern am Beispiel von Shop Scheduling Problemen” (Feb 2020)
  • “Process Scheduling in einer RFID-gestützten MAS-Umgebung zur Realisierung einer Smart Factory” (December 2019)
  • “Reputation and Trust-based Service Placement among Fog Computing Nodes” (September 2019)
  • “Enabling QoS-Aware Task Execution on Distributed Node-RED Cluster for Fog Computing Environments” (September 2019)
  • “Wearable Application in a Smart Factory Environment” (June 2019)
  • “Management and Maintenance of Smart Devices by an IoT Middleware” (May 2019)
  • “Entwicklung einer Schnittstelle für die Mensch-Roboter Interaktion in einer Internet of Things Middleware” (April 2019)
  • “A Human-Robot Collaboration Setup: Detecting Human Actions in a Task Using Semantic Perception” (March 2019)
  • “Augmented Reality Application in Smart Space” (December 2018)